Tax Management Strategies

Take Your Tax Planning to the Next Level

If you’re like most people, then the only time that taxes are at the forefront of your mind are every April (and you’re probably just fine with that). However, as you work to develop your investment and retirement strategy, considering what the tax implications of those plans might be, becomes vital.

Not to worry; our financial professionals have the experience and expertise needed to identify the right tax management strategies to help you avoid any unnecessary expenses due to either your state or local governments (as well as Uncle Sam).

Optimizing Opportunities to Both Avoid and Defer Taxes

When it comes to managing the tax burden facing your personal wealth, opportunities tend to fall into one of two categories: tax deferral or tax-free income. You’re likely more familiar with the former, as accounts like your 401(k) or individual retirement account (IRA) offer you the ability to grow your retirement income while your tax liability defers until those funds are withdrawn (when you are likely in a lower tax bracket). We can help you identify other tax deferral options available to you.

Utilizing tax-free income sources tends to require more industry knowledge. That’s where we come in. Whether it’s diverting investment funds to municipal bonds, incorporating a Roth IRA into your retirement planning, or taking advantage of the benefits offered through cash-value life insurance options, we’ve got you covered.

Protect Your Hard-Earned Wealth

Don’t let the effort that goes into growing your personal wealth go to waste. Trust our team here at the Thiesen Dueker Modern Wealth Management to provide you with the tax management strategies you need to optimize every dollar saved. For more information, give us a call at 888.448.8190, or take a moment to fill out our online contact form.

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