Enrollment & Education

Onboarding and ongoing education of your plan participants has to be done. And done right.

Many of 401(k) Specialists’ clients or their plan advisors simply don’t have the time and personnel required to handle plan enrollment and ongoing educational meetings with participants. We do. No matter the amount of employee participants or number of locations throughout Central California, 401(k) Specialists can do the job for you.

Our team represents your company professionally, providing the necessary information and answering participant questions … in both English and Spanish if required. We communicate that your plan is an important benefit of working for your company – an investment your company makes for their futures.

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Your time and confidence

How much more productive could you or your staff be if you had a capable plan partner like 401(k) Specialists? How much more confidence would you have knowing that all aspects of your plan were being managed and executed by 401(k) Specialists? We’ve assembled the dedicated 401(k) team in Central California so that we can handle the time-consuming plan management functions while you focus on your company. When any 401(k) questions or issues arise, you’ve got a team of experts ready for your call. It’s what we do … so you can do what you do.

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If you’re happy with your current plan advisor,
we think you should stay put

There’s a lot that needs to happen correctly to keep your 401(k) plan well-managed and compliant with Department of Labor requirements. Having your plan with an advisor you trust is important. Of course, we’re confident in our ability to help manage every aspect of your plan. But if you’re happy with your current advisor, 401(k) Specialists can come alongside and handle only certain plan elements. For example, if your plan advisor doesn’t have the time or staff to do regular enrollment and education meetings, 401(k) Specialists is equipped to handle that for you. Or perhaps you want an independent annual benchmark review. We’re happy to provide that service.

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We manage some of the largest 401(k) plans throughout Central California.

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