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Are you a financial consultant seeking independence? We can help you reach your goals, too.

If you are a financial consultant and wish you could serve your clients independently, why wish? Thiesen Dueker offers a range of assistance options to help you make the most important and most fulfilling career move of your life. We’d be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help you reach them. Contact us today… and learn why “going independent” doesn’t have to mean “doing it alone.”

To make an appointment for a confidential consultation, please contact Casey Fitzpatrick at 559-495-9061. You may also submit your information to

As an office-share advisor

Step into independence without the headaches of establishing an office, hiring staff or purchasing and maintaining equipment. We have a tastefully furnished advisor office ready for you to arrive and start serving your clients. As on office-share advisor, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of fellow advisors and use of office equipment that we provide – computer, phone, copier, fax, etc. – including the use of conference rooms and staff lounges. Our professional reception team will answer your incoming calls and greet your clients in the lobby when they visit.

As a Thiesen Dueker advisor

Enjoy all the benefits of office-share advisors, plus the additional benefits of joining the Thiesen Dueker team. We allocate support staff resources to help you serve your clients and free your time to help you grow your business. You’ll also have strategic support from Thiesen Dueker’s financial planning analysts, investment committee and fellow advisors with expertise in various disciplines of wealth management. We host multiple community service and client events to help our advisors express their appreciation to their clients and strengthen long-term relationships. And you’ll bring to your clients’ tables the power of Thiesen Dueker’s comprehensive financial planning software – a significant analytical advantage not available with many advisor firms.

As a retiring advisor

Are you ready to leave a successful practice? If you’d like to realize an income from the business you’ve built and leave your clients with a new advisor who will serve them well moving forward, let’s talk. Thiesen Dueker has been the solution for other advisors like you. We know how to make the transition smooth as we welcome clients to our family. Because we’re independent, clients can keep the investment vehicles they want to keep. And we’re often able to provide a broader range of investment options and services. Thiesen Dueker is able to provide a win for retiring advisors and their clients.

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