Understanding the Retirement Bucket Strategy

Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life, which requires careful planning and foresight to pursue a confident and stress-free transition. One effective way to plan for retirement is by adopting the Retirement Bucket Strategy.

5 Ways Whole Life Insurance Provides Tax Advantages

Life insurance is essential in providing for beneficiaries upon your death, but it can also offer other tax advantages you may not know. For this reason, whole life insurance, also called cash value life insurance, is often used as a…

How to Teach Your Children Financial Wellness

Teaching children about financial wellness should start at an early age. Learning how making money, saving, and spending is related and the first step in teaching your child how to understand the value of money. Children learn from…

5 Social Security Benefits You Might Be Missing Out On

Most people know that once they approach retirement age, their reward for years of work comes from Social Security payments they put money towards during their employment. Deciding when to file for your Social Security payments is likely…

Women’s Financial Empowerment

March is Women’s History Month, a month-long celebration of female empowerment1. This effort includes advocating for better representation in the workforce, pay parity and improved work-life balance. There are some specific steps that women

Entrepreneurship and Financial Risk: What You Need to Know

Entrepreneurs tend to be natural risk-takers but this doesn’t mean committing to uncompensated risk. A wise entrepreneur considers their potential exposure before leaping into a new business venture, moving forward only on those opportunities that present enough potential upside to make the risks worthwhile. Below, we discuss some financial risks an entrepreneur may face and […]

Celebrating Black History Month

Take some time this month to learn about the contributions of black businesses, inventors, and activists throughout America’s history. Some of the most powerful statements can be made by aligning your finances with your values.

Ways to Minimize Tax on an Investment Portfolio

Improving return by minimizing taxesAlthough we are all obligated to pay our fair share of taxes, few of us would be pleased to pay taxes unnecessarily. Because taxes lower the actual return on your investments, you should be…